Gerhard Richter Paintings | ART Dinner at Neue Nationalgalerie

12. June 2012


Unwritten rule

08. June 2012

Unwritten rule is a short film about the essence of life: the love.

Originally shot for the official music video "So Weit" from TLB and directed by Sascha Quade, the re-cut transmit more tense and emotions to the spectator with different music, different angles and different climax.

Bürgerstiftung Berlin | Sternfahrt 03.06.2012

06. June 2012


Bob vs Bike | Sierra BMW Motorcycle Image Film

26. March 2012

World Stunt Champ Chris Pfeiffer with his BMW G450X against Christoph Langen in a BMW designed Olympic Bobsleigh at the Innsbruck Olympic Run, winter 2010/2011. 

An environmental campaign film shot with 16 Sony HDW-Broadcast cameras, 4 GoPros and one 16mm ARRI camera.


Coca-Cola | Communication Image Film

25. March 2012


Ryoji Ikeda | db

06. March 2012

Japanese composer and visual artist Ryoji Ikeda had conceived an exhibition for the Hamburger Bahnhof that, for the first time, compositionally united the two symmetrical halls on the upper level of the museum's east and west wings. The exhibition's title "db" (abbr. for decibel) refers to this symmetry while simultaneously indicating the complementary relationship between the two exhibition spaces.

Ikeda had designed the white room and the black room as counterparts, not only physically (brightness, color), but also conceptually and perceptually. The project was a composition in which time and space were shaped through the most minimal use of sound, light and visual elements. It was the artist's first solo exhibition in Germany.

Tomás Saraceno | CLOUD CITIES

04. March 2012

Tomás Saraceno's installations shattered traditional concepts relating to place, time, gravity and traditional ideas as to what constitutes architecture. His works are utopian and invite the viewer to play a part in their impact on a particular space, as they reach up to the sky and down to the ground. The artist created gardens that hang in the air and allowed visitors to float in space. Saraceno draws inspiration from soap bubbles and the incredible strength and flexibility of spider webs.

Everything he does appears to develop from a certain degree of boundlessness, motivated by an interest in the changes taking place in the world in which we live. Each of his objects invited the viewer to consider alternative forms of knowledge, feelings and our interaction with others. 

The exhibition in the Hamburger Bahnhof were for the first time seen approx. 20 of his balloon models go on show at one time. The exhibition gave visitors the chance to see for themselves how the hanging settlements interact with each other and the space, not merely by observing them from afar, but by actually entering them.


15. February 2012


4 dates

06. February 2012

If someone has the majority of symptoms from not just one personality disorder but 4 (Antisocial, Borderline, Histrionic and Narcissistic), what would the diagnosis be? Also, how do you deal with such a person without loosing your mind yourself?

Transmediale | Opening 2012 in/compatible HKW Berlin

02. February 2012

During the 2012 festival a number of special projects relating to the in/compatible thematic as well as the 25 year anniversary were presented at Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin. These took place outside the framework of the curated exhibition and featured new works especially developed for the festival.

transmediale 2012 was an in/compatible being. Incompatibility is the condition that arises when things are not working together. With transmediale 2012, the Haus der Kulturen der Welt was investigating the productive and destructive sides of incompatibility as a fundamental condition for cultural production in times of crisis. In this context it called for a transversal approach.