Bewegtbildproduktionen im Zeichen audiovisueller Trends. Kreative Konzeption, technische Produktion und digitale Nachbearbeitung.

Wir entwickeln ausgehend von Marke, Identität und Zielgruppe einzigartige Konzepte und individuelle Filmlösungen, die durch den professionellen und kreativen Einsatz digitaler Filmtechnik auf die Wünsche unserer Partner abgestimmt sind und nachhaltig Informationen vermitteln.

MidSide Productions verfolgt den multimedialen Zeitgeist, nutzt das Potential des Mediums und findet die Balance zwischen Kunstwerk und Ware. Wir produzieren Ihren Web-Clip, Image- oder Werbefilm, Ihre Eventdokumentation - für jede Information das richtige Medium, für jede Zielgruppe den richtigen Kanal.


MidSide Productions is a media agency based in Berlin with a focus on film making, video production, media relations, Broadcast PR, evaluation, corporate image video, audio production and mastering. Our content aspires to present multifaceted personal perspectives including impressions of cities, various art scenes and international urban living, portraits, documentations, music videos and short films.
MidSide wants to stay borderless and attract global readership and spectators by introducing real and fictitious characters with an honest approach.

MidSide Productions is an online platform which explores new and established channels of communication to introduce its original content best. We create and produce content with a broader range of themes and topics in order to make MidSide relevant, evolving and timeless.


We root from the world of broadcast media, analogue and digital video, editing and studio techniques and praxis in film productions.
With a sense of detail we consult, design, create and reinvent everything that is within the full-service approach bundles.
Developing concepts and producing ideas together with clients is our key learning on how to achieve the best results.

Focusing on RED- and DSLR-techniques we help you to find the perfect style and to create a high quality product. We take care of your corporate identity and develope ideas that transform your wishes into moving pictures.

Professionally and culturally our strenghts lay in eclectic backgrounds, using networks and capabilities to inspire other people and to give creative quality a well-designed-platform with unique insights.