Tomás Saraceno | CLOUD CITIES

04. March 2012

Tomás Saraceno's installations shattered traditional concepts relating to place, time, gravity and traditional ideas as to what constitutes architecture. His works are utopian and invite the viewer to play a part in their impact on a particular space, as they reach up to the sky and down to the ground. The artist created gardens that hang in the air and allowed visitors to float in space. Saraceno draws inspiration from soap bubbles and the incredible strength and flexibility of spider webs.

Everything he does appears to develop from a certain degree of boundlessness, motivated by an interest in the changes taking place in the world in which we live. Each of his objects invited the viewer to consider alternative forms of knowledge, feelings and our interaction with others. 

The exhibition in the Hamburger Bahnhof were for the first time seen approx. 20 of his balloon models go on show at one time. The exhibition gave visitors the chance to see for themselves how the hanging settlements interact with each other and the space, not merely by observing them from afar, but by actually entering them.